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The alternative growth fund.

Net Annual Fund Return chart
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We are excited to announce the launch of our new hedge fund, Nutshell Dynamic, which combines the best elements of the Nutshell Growth Fund and the Alt21 strategy.


Nutshell Dynamic will feature several enhancements:

  • Access to the Nutshell Quality Growth Strategy.

  • Greater concentration of highest conviction stocks.

  • Enhanced risk adjusted returns from strict capital preservation and alpha overlays.

  • Unconstrained allocation.

  • FX hedging on extreme moves.

  • Significant Founder Share Class benefits.


An exclusive opportunity.

As a pre-launch founder investor, you have the exclusive opportunity to directly participate in the future success of our fund. Not only will you receive standard investment returns, but you'll also receive a revenue share on all assets-under-management for the first five years of the fund, potentially significantly increasing your total returns.


Nutshell Asset Management is a London-based, FCA-regulated global equity boutique, seeded and supported by Lord Michael Spencer, the founder of ICAP. Our flagship strategy, the ‘Nutshell Growth Fund’, is an Irish-domiciled UCITS fund that invests globally in a concentrated portfolio of exceptional companies at reasonable valuations. Since its inception in January 2019, it has consistently outperformed its long-only global Quality Growth equity peers.

Our second strategy, ‘Alt21’ (21% vol), has been running live, in-house, since January 2021 and it has significantly outperformed the S&P500 in both the bull market of 2021 and the bear market of 2022.

Nutshell Dynamic.

Our Alt21 strategy currently has a core allocation to the S&P500. We will evolve this strategy by incorporating our successful Growth Fund as its core long equity component, and overlaying it with options, index futures, and short selling capabilities. This will significantly improve the risk-adjusted returns of the strategy. The goal is to meaningfully outperform the index during bullish market conditions and effectively preserve capital during bearish markets. The chart below illustrates the achieved performance of combining the two strategies and implementing the capital preservation overlay.

Founder Investor Incentive.

As a seeding investor, we are offering a special Founder Share Class that grants you a 1% share of the fund's top-line revenue for every £1 million invested (based on total AUM, re-invested in the fund, and paid out at the end of year 5, with a capped issue size of £20 million). The table below illustrates the estimated terminal values of a £1 million Founder Share Class investment, participating in this revenue share, for various increases in Fund AUM and Returns. For example, if the Fund grows at a net annualized return of 15% and reaches £100 million at the end of year 5, a £1 million Founder Share Class investment in the Fund would have an estimated return of £2.2 million.

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