Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We are committed to generating long term

superior growth and protection for our investors, while only investing in those companies that are both high quality and ethically sound.

Long term growth and protection.

The nature of our investment approach is to outperform peers in normal market conditions and significantly outperform them in stressed and bear markets. We do this by investing long term in a concentrated portfolio of carefully selected, highly liquid, exceptional companies, which we identify through a strict multi-factor screening process; companies with a persistent comparative advantage (a “wide moat”). We will also occasionally dynamically invest a proportion of the portfolio’s assets into fixed income investments (primarily US Treasuries) or reduce equity exposure during stressed recessionary environments and periods where we feel fixed income is significantly undervalued relative to equities. We believe this provides more downside protection than a traditional equity fund.

Investing in a better future.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings help to identify risks and opportunities when selecting a company for our portfolio. Studies have shown that companies with good ESG scores have the characteristics of higher quality companies and fare better in times of crisis.


ESG ratings consider: a company's environmental impact through its energy, pollution and treatment of animals; social criteria including treatment of employees and diversity; governance which looks at investment and accounting practices, along with any potential conflicts of interest among board members. Companies with high scoring ESG ratings tend to have higher profit margins and more stable returns, meaning investing in those companies is not only a good decision ethically, but financially too.